eec EAL–5000

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EAL–5000 Series Programmable AC Power Source
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Pure Power, Pure Performance

The EAL-5000 series is the next generation high-performance programmable AC power source EEC ever created.
Designed completely with the end-user in mind. The EAL-5000 series provide rich functionalities and product selections.
Making it the ideal and cost-effective solution for all kinds of applications.

Surpassing the world electric demand

The world and product use on electricity differently. EAL-5000 series capable of outputting AC, DC, or AC+DC
modes meeting numerous power demands. With wide ranges performance of up to 310V output voltage,
1,200Hz frequency, and various waveforms. Simulate real-world power distribution conditions at anywhere.

Detail simulation just got a lot easier

For R&D and Quality Assurance, a variety of pulses, and spikes simulation is critical.
EAL built-in modes that is pre-compliance testing according to IEC 61000* standards.
To simulate common grid faults, voltage dips, and other power abnormalities.

*The IEC 61000 standards tested includes IEC 61000-3-3,11,12, IEC 61000-4-11,13,14,28,29,34.
Some conditions may apply. Contact EEC sales representatives for the complete information.

18 combinations, empower your selection

Available in 6 various capacity models, from 500VA to 6,000VA and 3 level of upgradeable performance
packages position for different needs. A simple choice on right product for the right use at the right price.

Made it compact, make it spacious

The advanced high power density technology designed to establish ultimate compactness.
Fitting up to 3kVA of power into common standard 2U size and 6kVA into standard 4U size. With 6kVA weight only 28kg.

Performance and quiet comes together

With superior mechanical engineering design plus quiet durable fans. The heat dissipates quickly on the instrument.
Helping maintain high performance in harsh manufacturing environments. And keeping low noise for a safer working condition in quiet environments.

Simple and intuitive user interfaces, speedy and controllable operations

Flexible rotating knob and numeric touch control, plus intuitive user interface results faster operation efficiency.
Anyone can easily pick up and get started in no-time.

Setup, Monitor, and Operate Remotely via PowerTRAC Software

In IoT era, data and connectivity matters. PowerTRAC is EEC proprietary software on power source meeting this.
Empowers EAL-5000 series in full remote control. While generate data reports for future analysis.

Premium Built Quality and TÜV certificated

The quality and reliability we’ve committed, started from designed, material used, to harsh environmental test.
Where every detail is checked. Certified by TÜV, makes EAL-5000 series the world class safe and reliable AC power source.
Standard: TÜV EN 61326-1

40 years in making high quality and reliable instruments

EEC has been committed delivering high quality and reliability product to our customer since 1979.
We have a long history in making AC power source, many of them remains in service today.
We gathered 40 years of enriched experience and making the AC power source for next generation demands.